Mark Bowytz

Besides contributing at @TheDailyWTF, I write DevDisasters for Visual Studio Magazine, and involved in various side projects including child rearing and marriage.

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"Wow! Those folks from null and undefined must be big fans! I mean, just look at that voting turnout!" Kayleigh wrote.

Nothing to Lose

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"With fraud protection like this, I feel very safe using my card everywhere," Brad W. writes.

The Travelling Error Problem

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"Microsoft has really stepped up their remote publishing game with their Visual Studio 2017 RC!" writes Robert M.

Rebooting Space Mountain

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Hugo K. writes, "Space Mountain is closed for refurbishment. It will reopen when all security patches are installed."

Meats or Exceeds My Expectations

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"Sure, it's a bit expensive, but hey, where else can you find a place with a huge outside baloney?" Keith S. wrote.

Taking Things a Little Too Literally

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"Web design pro-tip: If it takes a while to load data, just put an 'Animated loading spinner' on the screen," wrote Stuart L.

The Reason is False

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"Thanks for the explanation because thanks for the explanation because false!" writes Paul N.

Garfield Only Wants the Best for You

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"I have two questions: First - Why make the dropdown go all the way down to 1908 if you don't want people selecting it? Second - Why can't I view if I'm 101 years old?" wrote Tom.